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    1. Guangdong Liandong New Energy Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D and production of new energy batteries


      Fast charge lithium battery industry concern billion of lead can lead a new revolution in battery power

      Times:07/25/2014    Hits:1353
        New energy automotive industry, charging hard, long charging time and other technical issues, one stumbling block has been the promotion of electric cars. A large number of electric car companies in the pursuit of higher mileage at the same time, it did not take into account the good charging time. 
        In charging facilities can not adequately meet the needs of the case, the core of the problem is that all of this electric vehicle charging technology, however, can not meet the requirements of fast charging. To meet the electric vehicle fast charging needs to become the dominant industry. 
      However, the new market demands will inevitably lead the new technological innovations and products appear, walks of life, nothing so. 
      "The release of our second-generation fast charging lithium batteries, can shorten the charging time to 15 minutes." In the 2013 Third China (Shenzhen) Bus Urban Development Forum, director Zheng Zhuoqun Micro Power Systems Technology Center Introduction in the case of the new energy automotive universal charging technology can not meet the fast charge, the industry needs to make a change. 
      Advanced battery technology 
        According to the Shenzhen Yili Battery Co., Ltd., general manager of Ming comrades, billion of the first generation able to fast charge battery products-LpTO? Lithium titanate on more than 900 transit bus operators have already accumulated more than 60 million kilometers, and this release of the second generation of the product retains fast charge capability, and over ten thousand times long cycle life characteristics at the same time, the energy density and the economy than the previous generation has been significantly improved, as a pure electric passenger bus operators provide better energy solutions. 
      "Multiple composite lithium batteries monomer at room temperature 6C rate charge cycle life is still down more than 10,000 times, is the international best lithium iron phosphate product twice into groups to meet 4C charging rate, which means can be fully charged in 15 minutes in the battery pack. "Zheng Zhuoqun introduced multiple composite weight energy density of lithium batteries has reached 120Wh/kg, than lithium titanate and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Multiple composite lithium at low temperatures (minus 20 degrees Celsius) in the discharge capacity can reach 78% under normal condition, with good low temperature performance. 
      Lithium complex multi-product launch, make up the fast-charging lithium titanate energy density is not high energy lithium iron phosphate ternary not fast charge battery shortcomings, the actual demand for the pure electric vehicles to really provide bus operators the innovative, more viable, more economical solution. 
      "Improved product performance from R & D base of raw materials." Comrade Ming told "Engineering Lithium", multiple composite lithium micro-macro porous carbon composite as anode material patented technology, the biggest feature is its revolutionary achieve specific surface area 20 times more than conventional graphite, increasing the specific surface area and pore migration has increased significantly and the number of embedded lithium ion channels, making the lithium ions can rapidly and stably embedded with prolapse. Thereby solving a long-term obstacle to high energy density lithium graphite electrode products fast charging technology bottlenecks, while significantly extending battery life. 
      This technology also allows the battery safety than traditional graphite anode lithium batteries have greatly improved, multiple composite lithium group has passed the mandatory inspection National Bus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Testing of nine safety tests include short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, heavy impact, drop, crush, acupuncture, height simulation, heating, etc., fully in line with national QC / T 743-2006 "electric vehicles lithium-ion batteries' safety standards. 
      Fast charging characteristics 
      . "Charging slow, time-consuming electric car is a common problem encountered by most still working," Comrade Li Ming believes million with the biggest difference is that other battery companies: a deep understanding of public transport users for the pure electric bus technology to solve the bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency needs, and take advantage of their ability to develop on the basis of material chemistry, active front-line bus users looking for more viable solutions. 
      Distinguished from pure electric vehicle lithium iron phosphate battery required to be fitted throughout the day, pure electric vehicle lithium titanate frequent need to stop charging solution. Simply using multiple composite containing lithium batteries required to operate a half-day, the morning after the operation, quickly fill power lunch 15 minutes once a day to meet the full ground operations. 
      A new generation of multi-energy lithium complex higher density, making the long driving range of the vehicle, while the battery up to 40% weight loss. 
      Traditional lithium iron phosphate group, because they can not fast charge, buses to be equipped with all-day battery required to operate, car battery pack weighing up to 4 tons; while the use of multi-compound can fast charge lithium battery technology, only a half-day car batteries, weight can reduce the 40 percent compared to lithium iron phosphate solutions significantly reduce the load of the body structure and energy self-consumption, improved security, and increased passenger capacity. Still fast charge, improve efficiency along with long cycle life 
      "The same effect is no longer needed fast charge station charging back frequently throughout the day only operate during lunch break 15 minutes quick charge up power once; evening back to the station may choose to take advantage of the fast charge or slow charge electric grid trough." Comrade Ming believes that multi-composite long battery life, fewer vehicles and charging infrastructure investment, maximize economic efficiency can be achieved with high efficiency operation. 
      As fast charging technology actively pursuing who billion of energy power systems since early 2011 launch of the first generation of micro-macro fast charging batteries since fast charging vehicles at home and abroad have launched a large-scale field operations. As of September 2013, billion of fast charging battery system products have been equipped with more than 900 sets of bus, to achieve real operational accumulated nearly 60 million kilometers. 
      It is understood that the establishment of the Chongqing airport transit hub fast charging stations, at the same time as the six pure electric transit bus rapid charging for fast charging, 6-8 minutes in the battery pack is fully charged; two years of field operations for the rapid charging technology, especially deep experience gained in the application field of public transport, but also access to transit customers. 
      September 17, a new round of new energy vehicles subsidy policy has been published, in which the New Deal requires a significant proportion of new energy vehicles to promote the city's foreign enterprises can not be less than 30%. It is like a micro-macro power technology enterprise so provides an opportunity to break through. 
      "The second generation of fast charging lithium release marks a breakthrough in the micro-macro technically re. Higher energy density, fast charging, long cycle life characteristics, making the bottleneck of electric vehicles has been a breakthrough moment. we would very much looking forward to this new product to accelerate the process of electric transportation. "for future planning, Comrade Ming said technology to lead the market has begun to highlight the inflection point, now see who captivated the.
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