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      UPS Battery FAQ

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       1. UPS battery life which is mainly influenced by several factors? 
           Whether or overflow sealed battery, the main factors affecting the life of the following four: the ambient temperature of the battery, the chemical composition of the battery, battery cycle, battery maintenance and service. 
        Ambient temperature 
             Battery rated output capacity is based on the 25 ℃ (77F) environment nominal. Changes in ambient temperature will change the current capacity of the battery and shorten its life. When determining the temperature of the battery life and relationships, a general experience is: the average temperature is over 25 ℃ (77F), each increased 8.3 ℃ (15F) to shorten the battery life by 50%. 
      UPS battery chemistries 
            Effectiveness UPS battery capacity is determined by the status of the battery in active ingredients decision. Having a specific ratio within a specific period of time to convert chemical energy into electrical energy capacity of the battery determines the current capacity. Even if the battery can not be used do not always maintain its initial capacity, which is due to the UPS battery is an electrochemical device, which functions as a store and release energy gradually over time. So even if you follow the instructions to maintain the proper storage temperature and good maintenance conditions, you also have to be replaced after a certain time they use the public grid during power failure (severe voltage drop or power outage), UPS batteries to power the load. 
      Once the public electricity as power is restored, the battery charging for future use. This whole "one cycle" was regarded as a discharge cycle. If the installation is 100% battery capacity, then each discharge and charge cycles to weaken relatively small percentage of the capacity of the battery, and the length of the discharge cycle will determine the degree of reduction in battery capacity. Use of recycled and battery life relationship is often compared to a loaf of bread, a slice of bread can be cut into many pieces can also be used to cut a few thick slices, and likewise, a UPS battery can provide the use of a large number of short-cycle, or a small amount of use a long cycle. 
        Maintenance and service 
           Factors that should be considered is the last one for battery maintenance and services. Although the battery capacity gradually decreases with time until failure, but the battery maintenance can maximize battery capacity, the capacity of Jane slow rate of decay. Batteries require regular maintenance, inspection by voltage, load detection and reconnection can effectively extend battery life. No regular maintenance and service, your UPS battery will appear the following questions: 
           Generate thermal resistance at the terminals, causing the battery to heat damage from overcharging grid, as well as excessive discharge cause irreversible destructive damage. Some UPS with a battery of automatic maintenance features, Jinshan special with a full range of UPS ABM battery management function, the battery can effectively maintain and scientific management, to extend battery life and other effects. 
          2. Which factors on the UPS battery end of life the greatest impact? 
            In North America, Western Europe and other advanced countries, the battery positive grid corrosion has become the most common UPS battery end of life factors. This is the UPS battery chemistry (without regard to battery cycle) and the results of the corresponding positive gate gradual failure of the internal circuits of the aging process. For the public grid power failures frequently live in remote mountainous areas or rural electricity, because the battery charge and discharge the frequent use of the cycle has become a major factor. In the majority of domestic UPS user site, as non-normal storage or use batteries or battery damage caused by UPS battery maintenance caused by poor performance of the battery capacity decline is a very common phenomenon. Most decisions than the old-fashioned non-intelligent charging management UPS battery maintenance and lack of scientific management, to accelerate the chemical composition of the battery failure rate (cell aging rate), so to avoid this unnecessary loss, they should choose a intelligent battery management UPS, effective use of the battery will be very beneficial. 
          3 What is ABM?, Why is it so important? 
        ABM is a special company Kingsoft UPS battery management on patented technology, which consists of four key technology components, in the form of software applications in the UPS, played optimize battery operation, extending battery life role. Includes the following four aspects: 
      Advanced battery testing technology (Advanced Battery Monitoring) intelligent battery charging process (Intelligent Battery Charging) automatic load-sensing technology (Automatic Load Sensing) series of measures to inform the user about the battery status (A Methodology for Informing the User about Battery Status) to extend direct benefits of battery life for the user is to enhance the overall reliability; while saving users the cost, because the battery replacement investment accounted for a large proportion of investment throughout the UPS. 
          4 What is Cell saver technology? 
           The United States has developed a special company Kingsoft apply online UPS battery saving technology - Cell saver technology. By widening the input voltage range to minimize battery discharge opportunity to reduce electricity caused by poor battery charge and discharge cycles, thereby extending battery life. In addition, between the rectifier and inverter, using the considerable capacity of capacitors as energy storage areas, in order to reduce the extremely short power cut caused by tiny cell cycle. This design capacity due part of the reason, more suitable for small UPS products, and large UPS does not apply. Currently, the PTPE Jinshan special series UPS adopt this technology. 
          5. If a section is damaged UPS batteries, the need to replace the entire battery pack is it? 
            In principle, if the battery in less than three years too, you just replace the bad battery, if the battery using a three or more than three years, you will need to replace the entire battery pack. The new capacity of the battery is greater than the old cell, this will not cause the other normal rechargeable battery in the battery pack, the full effect of the battery or charger is not too much of the same effect, you decide whether to replace the battery pack, Please contact your regional battery maintenance engineer. 
          6. You know the international standards for UPS batteries do? 
           The end of the definition of the IEEE UPS battery life: it is no longer able to provide its rated capacity (in ampere - hours) the point at 80%. (Since the ampere - hour relationship between the time and load protection is not linear, the capacity decreased by 20% to reduce the guard time will cause more example: new UPS battery can work full load for 15 minutes, and when it reaches the defined when the end of life will only give the same power to the load 8 minutes.) and when the battery reaches 80% of its rated capacity, will further accelerate the aging process, and must be replaced. 
          7. How can I ensure that my UPS battery maintenance and service is appropriate? 
           IEEE recommended that you at least be tested once a year maintenance-free batteries, wet batteries tested once each quarter, concrete steps are as follows: 
      The need for load testing, or use professional equipment to determine the battery capacity; necessary visual inspection; clear connector corrosion, tighten fittings; discharge measurement, in accordance with the table to check the battery discharge curve to determine the remaining capacity; If necessary, re-All connections, or replace the battery; If necessary, clean the battery area;
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