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      Lithium battery charging method correctly

      Times:07/25/2014    Hits:1050
       Lithium battery life facile 300-500 charge cycles. Assume a full discharge of electricity supply for the 1Q, if not consider each charge cycle subsequent increase of electricity, the total lithium in its lifetime can supply or supplement 300Q-500Q for electricity. Thus know, assuming each with 1/2 the charge, you can charge 600-1000 times; assume each with 1/3 of the charge, you can charge 900-1500 times. So, assuming random charging, indefinite number of times. In short, no matter how charge, total additions into 300Q-500Q electricity that is constant. 
      So, how can we check: Lithium battery life and battery charge related to the total charge, and charge cycles irrelevant. Put deep charge deep and shallow charge and discharge light impact on the life of lithium or less. So, when some MP3 manufacturers propaganda that "a certain type MP3 using powerful lithium batteries, rechargeable more than 1500 times." This is a simple ignorance to deceive consumers. 
      In theory, light put on lithium rechargeable light is more beneficial, when just doing calibration for lithium power module products, only deep deep release charge demand. Therefore, the use of lithium-powered products do not stick to the process, all to facilitate the first, charging at any time, do not worry affect life expectancy. 
      Charging at high temperatures to prevent 
      Higher than assumed in polite operating temperature, ie 35 ° C above situations apply lithium battery, the battery will be added from time to time, that battery-powered time will not be as long as usual. Assumed under what temperature, but also to charge the device, it will be even greater damage to the battery. Even the storage battery in a hot case, will not prevent the composition on the quality of the battery to take care of the damage. So, try to gain a stalemate in the proper operating temperature is a good way to extend the life of lithium. 
      Prevent charging at low temperatures 
      Assumed low temperatures, ie below 4 ° C in the use of lithium batteries, the same will find more to boost the use of batteries, some phones Yuanzhuanglidian pool even in cold temperatures without charge on electricity. But do not worry too much, this is just a temporary situation, are not in use under high temperature conditions, once the temperature rises, the molecular heat battery, it immediately restored to its former power. 
      Often use 
      Life is active. To promote maximum performance lithium-ion battery, it often needs to use it, so that the electronic lithium battery from time to time in the active profile. Assumed not often use lithium batteries, please remember that the monthly bound to lithium complete a charge cycle, do a battery calibration, ie deep deep release one charge.
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